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Al Seed Productions and Vanishing Point present:

by Al Seed

Presented in partnership with Beacon Arts Centre and Tramway

At the heart of Plinth is an exploration of statues, specifically when they are artefacts of war. Explicitly political, the show emphasises the truth-editing processes our culture must engage in to manufacture acceptable ‘heroes’, as embodied in our statues and memorials. In Plinth

Al Seed examines these processes through a reimagining of the myth of Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur.

Plinth is the latest in a series of performances Al Seed has created around the theme of war and the politics of its remembrance, the last of these being Oog which won the Total Theatre Award for Best Visual / Physical Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe.



Written and Performed by Al Seed 

Dramaturg Niloo-Far Khan 

Production Management Niall Black 

Costume & Prop Design and Stage Management Zephyr Liddell 
Lighting Design and Show Operation Alberto Santos Bellido 

Set Design Kai Fischer 

Sound Design Guy Veale 

Costume Maker Emily Smit-Dicks  

Prop Painter Jen Kilgour  

Metalwork Technician Emma Hyslop

Produced by Al Seed Productions and Vanishing Point


Al Seed Productions is grateful for the producing support provided

by Claricia Parinussa during development, and for consultancy from  Charlene Boyd, Judith Milligan, and Hilary Westlake.

Supported by Creative Scotland  


Photograph by Lawrence Winram


TOUR DATES 2023-2024



Thu 12 Oct 2023 WORLD PREMIERE


Tues 24 & Wed 25 Oct 2023

MULL THEATRE, Tobermory 

Tue 31 Oct 2023

EDEN COURT, Inverness

Tue 7 Nov 2023

TRAMWAY, Glasgow

Sat 11 Nov 2023

Edinburgh (venue/dates TBA)

Feb 2024


Thu 8 Feb 2024


Sat 10 Feb 2024


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