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The Shadow of Heaven by Al Seed and Judith Milligan

[Image and set by Kai Fischer: The Shadow of Heaven, 2018] 

Al Seed performs The Factory

The Factory (2007)

Al Seed in Oog

Al Seed Productions began with the creation of a solo show, The Factory (2007), while Al was artist in residence at the Arches, Glasgow. The show explored the relationship between modern technology and state violence. It was a finalist for a Total Theatre Award and won the Jury Prize at the Arena Festival, Nuremberg.


Al’s second solo show, The Fooligan (2008), again dealt with themes of state violence, but this time through the prisms of traditional European storytelling and fairytale. It won a Herald Angel Award.



That same year, Al was commissioned to write and direct The Red Room, a dance adaptation of 'The Masque of the Red Death', Poe’s classic allegory of political degradation. The Red Room won a Herald Little Devil Award in 2009.


ASP returned to full production with Oog in 2015. This followed a 6-year hiatus during which Al established Surge, Scotland’s national organisation for physical performance. A sequel, of sorts, to The Factory, it explored themes of war in relation to PTSD, and won a Total Theatre Award.


In 2018, ASP collaborated with Paris-based movement specialist Judith Milligan on The Shadow of Heaven – an adaptation of Milton’s 'Paradise Lost' – transforming the core of the poem into an hour-long work of tragic theatre.


Also in 2018, ASP and Australian choreographer, Lina Limosani, debuted The Spinners, a reimagining of the tale

of the Moirai - or Fates - of Greek mythology. The Spinners was a finalist for a Total Theatre Award.

Oog (2015)

The Shadow of Heaven by Al Seed and Judith Milligan

The Shadow of Heaven (2018)

The Spinners by Al Seed and Lina Limosani

The Spinners (2018)

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